Converting Shimadzu’s SALD-2300 from a Wet system to a Dry system

Ensuring outstanding product quality in such industries as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, ceramics and electronics, Shimadzu’s SALD-2300 is able to analyze wet or dry samples across a wide particle concentration range of 0.1ppm to 20%.

It provides continuous measurement in real time, at minimum one-second intervals, for instantaneous analysis; features a measurement range that spans particle sizes from 17 nm to 2,500 μm; and, with its high-resolution capabilities, enables the acquisition of data with multiple peaks. In addition, high-concentration samples can be measured without dilution, preventing dispersion or agglomeration.

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Big Pain Assays Aren’t a Big Pain with the Raptor Biphenyl LC Column

The use of pain management drugs is steadily increasing. As a result, hospital and reference labs are seeing an increase in patient samples that must be screened for a wide variety of pain management drugs to prevent drug abuse and to ensure patient safety and adherence to their medication regimen.

Find out how Mandel’s Raptor LC columns can advance your research.