Pipettes & Liquid Handling

Gilson puts the internet of things to work for researchers

Gilson CEO Nicolas Paris has revealed the company’s direction of focusing on Internet of Things (IoT) cloud-based solutions to improve laboratory data reliability and reproducibility.

Gilson’s initiative focuses on the concept of the IoT, in which a network of connected laboratory devices sends and receives data to the cloud, where that information can be stored, analyzed, refined and shared by lab teams and remote experts. In this manner, scientists will have the most up-to-date protocols, results, and tracking information to support the result of their experiments.

Gilson has set the standard for liquid handling in labs across the globe. Come see Mandel’s extensive offering of Gilson manual and automated liquid handling products here.


Mandel is Now Partnered with Eppendorf

We are pleased to announce that Eppendorf Canada have appointed Mandel Scientific as a distribution partner in Canada.

This continues our business growth strategy by extending our product portfolio range with an industry leading manufacturer. Mandel now offers a full range of life science instrumentation and consummables from Eppendorf including: