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Eppendorf wants you to have a healthy pipetting experience

Learn about the proper seating position in the lab to reduce tension on your back and shoulders. Get to know the problems of a wrong seating position and the benefits of a good posture. Additionally, you will get some information on possible strain caused by improper seating. You may then start to work more relaxed and ergonomically to prevent work-related injuries.

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Pipette feeling a little off? A 2-minute inspection can tell you what’s wrong before it becomes a major problem

The proper and efficient operation of your pipette is crucial to the accuracy of your results, and keeps costs down by preventing costly repairs.

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Conducting a 2-minute inspection on your pipette can reveal what’s wrong and help you get the service you need. We’ve included Gilson’s 2-Minute Inspection procedure to guide you along.

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INTEGRA Introduces New Motorized Tip Spacing Pipettes

INTEGRA announces a new generation version of its popular VOYAGER pipette range that features unique motorized tip spacing technology.

At the push of a button, VOYAGER II pipettes allow you to expand tip spacing anywhere between 4.5 mm and 33 mm (depending on the model). This enables rapid and optimised multichannel pipetting between microplates, tube racks and gel boxes of different sizes and formats.

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