Mandel is a 100% Canadian-owned laboratory instrumentation and supply company.

Formed in 1969 to meet the need for a distributor organization specializing in the area of analytical and separation techniques, we have been supplying quality products to the Canadian scientific community for over 45 years.

Mandel’s product line continues to grow and now includes equipment and supplies for liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, electrophoresis, automated and manual liquid sample handling, titration and ion analysis, and a variety of equipment and supplies for chemical, environmental, life sciences, biotechnology, industrial and clinical laboratories.

It is our goal at Mandel to become a valued supplier of products for the Canadian research community by meeting our customers’ needs with quality people, quality products and quality service through continuous quality improvement.

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Our Support personnel and service department provide full service and instrumentation support for all Mandel products.

A highly qualified team of representatives ensures that your instruments are always working to their optimum specification. We can provide in-depth and personalized help to our customers with questions or concerns pertaining to any of the equipment sold by Mandel.

Call us toll-free at 1-888-883-3636 to speak with a friendly Mandel customer service rep, or fill in the form below.