Analysis of Dicamba and 2,4-D by Shimadzu’s Triple Quad LCMS-8060

Shimadzu’s app note demonstrates the sensitivity of the LCMS-8060 when analyzing dicamba and 2,4-D in a solution of 100x diluted glufosinate herbicide that contains a high amount of surfactants and other potential mass spec interferants.

The LC/MS/MS method was quickly developed with readily available mobile phases. Dicamba in methanol 0.01 and 0.025 ppb had a S/N of 3/1 and 10/1, respectively. 2,4-D in methanol at 0.0001 and 0.001 ppb had a S/N of 13/1 and 90/1, respectively.

MRM and source conditions were optimized using LabSolutions Connect software and flow injection analyses. Parameters optimized include:

  • Collision energy (rough and fine-tuned)
  • Q1 Pre-rod voltage
  • Q3 Pre-rod voltage
  • Interface voltage (probe voltage)
  • Collision gas pressure
  • Nebulizing gas flow
  • Drying gas flow
  • Heating gas flow
  • Interface temperature
  • Desolvation line temperature
  • Heating block temperature

LabSolutions Connect software chose the best parameters based upon the intensity of the peak. Only about 40 µL of standard was used in the optimizations.

Read the full app note here.

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