See how Gilson EXTRACTMAN is Helping Cancer Research Labs

Joshua Martin from the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research discusses the role and benefits that EXTRACTMAN plays in his cancer research.

EXTRACTMAN® offers a faster, gentler magnetic mixing approach to isolating target proteins and is ideal for isolating elusive, weakly-bound protein complexes critical to protein interaction research.

  • Save time by isolating up to four samples in parallel
  • Exclusion-based Sample Preparation (ESP™) technology isolates proteins while keeping the remaining sample intact for further study


  • Magnetic bead-based protein isolation
  • Co-immunoprecipitation
  • Immunoprecipitation

Purifies more interactors – Gentle wash and fast isolation allows purification of protein complexes that are usually washed away

Ergonomic and easy to use – Just slide the handle to isolate proteins

Removes purification bottlenecks – ESP™ magnetic bead technology purifies samples faster than resins and columns

For more information or to request a quote, please contact us via email.


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