Introducing new Restek Force performance LC columns: dependable, scalable, exceptional quality

Restek’s Force LC columns give you the power to maximize instrument uptime, increase productivity, and transfer methods across your entire lab, from your trusted-but-aged HPLC to the cutting-edge UHPLC you just plumbed last week. This incredibly rugged and supremely consistent column line represents the culmination of Restek’s twenty-plus years in LC dedicated to continually improving their phase chemistries, their lot and lifetime testing, and their bonding and packing procedures.

  • Long-lasting and reproducible—maintain stable retention times and peak shapes, even under the stress of elevated UHPLC pressures and rapid cycling.
  • Fully scalable between 3 or 5µm HPLC and 1.8µm UHPLC—easily transfer and optimize methods without extensive calculations.
  • Premium quality ensured by strict manufacturing and QC procedures—Force LC columns are backed by the strength of Restek’s 100% Pure Satisfaction guarantee.

Meet today’s workflow needs—and prepare for tomorrow’s—by applying Force LC columns to all of your instrument platforms.

Purchase Restek Force LC Columns

Force LC columns are available with Restek’s most popular and highly selective Biphenyl and FluoroPhenyl phases, as well as a general-purpose C18.


Longer Column Life

Elevated pressures and rapid pressure cycling put extreme stress on your LC column and shorten its life. And when the demand to increase lab productivity meets the growing pressure limits of modern LCs and the faster cycle times of new methods, many competitor columns simply can’t survive. Force LC columns from Restek are designed and manufactured to handle high-pressure, high-stress conditions. Whether you’re running a 3 or 5µm column on an older HPLC or a 1.8µm on the newest UHPLC in your lab (Figure 1), your method will give you the same separation from one injection to the next when you trust your workflow to the extended lifetime of a Force LC column.

Figure 1: At over 10,000 psi, you may be used to seeing a drop in efficiency, but Force LC columns will take the pressure.

Get all the details in the Force LC brochure!

Improved Reproducibility

Once you set up and validate a workflow, you move on to developing the next new method. You don’t have time to repeatedly revisit past methods because your chosen column is giving you different results with each lot. Peak shapes and retention times need to be maintained over the lifetime of your workflow to ensure consistent results, reduce unplanned downtime, and preserve your own productivity. Force LC columns have the lot-to-lot reproducibility you need to rely on (Figure 2)—backed by Restek’s strict QC system and Restek’s 100% Pure Satisfaction guarantee—so that you are free to focus your energy on what’s next.

Figure 2: Even with Restek’s FluoroPhenyl phase and its innovative new bonding process, each subsequent Force column you order will give you the same outstanding performance as the first.

Complete Scalability

To accelerate time to market, analysts will often develop methods on fast UHPLC instruments using sub-2µm particle columns. But, the methods must then be scaled to match the analysis time and pressure limitations of the traditional HPLCs and the 3 or 5µm columns that will actually be doing the work. To make this transition easier and ensure consistent results, Force LC columns are available in three particle sizes that are manufactured on the same silica support with the same properties to reliably and easily provide the same separation on any instrument platform (Figure 3).

And of course, it works both ways. fully scalable Force LC columns also make it easy to update conventional HPLC methods to UHPLC instruments to increase sample throughput and reduce solvent consumption and waste disposal costs.

Figure 3: With identical isocratic flow rates, 5, 3, and 1.8µm Force columns still offer the same results. (If using a gradient, simple equations can help you adjust slope and time points.) Scaling doesn’t get easier than that!

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