Enhanced GC-MS/MS Sensitivity for the Ultimate in Ultra-trace Detection

The need for highly sensitive instruments to detect ultra-trace level contaminants has never been more important in industries such as food safety and environmental. The Shimadzu triple quadrupole GCMS-TQ8050 gas chromatograph mass spectrometer, offering the highest sensitivity in its class, easily meets this need.

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  • Better amplification performance that maximizes use of Off-Axis Ion Optics made possible by new long-life detector
  • Contamination-resistant ion source coupled with a new long life-detector ensure reliable analysis with less maintenance requirements
  • Large-capacity turbomolecular pump with improved exhaust efficiency allows for higher sensitivity and stability
  • Smart MRM technologies coupled with the use of LabSolutions Insight improve ease of method creation and data review
  • High-speed scan and data acquisition using Advance Scanning Speed Protocol (AASP) to achieve speeds up to 20,000 u/sec across all masses
  • Ecology mode reduces costs associated with power and carrier gas consumption
  • Various configurations enable optimal performance for specific analytical needs


Exhaustive efforts to reduce detector loads during analysis significantly increase the detector’s service life. Consequently, the instrument needs to be maintained much less frequently, which also means less downtime.

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