Propel Method Development Forward with the New Pro EZGC Chromatogram Modeller

Now with more method development and optimization capabilities, the updated version of Restek’s popular EZGC chromatogram modeller is still free and just as simple to use as the original, but it now offers advanced options that give you more control. Based on user feedback, the new Pro EZGC chromatogram modeller lets you do the following:

  • Start with either the column you have or a column recommended by the program.
  • Select compounds from Restek’s libraries or bring your own list.
  • Target specific compounds for resolution.
  • Alter the GC conditions to optimize your model quickly and easily.
  • Repeatedly refine the temperature program.
  • Switch carrier gases.
  • Change the control method.
  • View elution temperatures in the peak list.
  • See results for multiple phases.

In just seconds, you can generate a customized, interactive model chromatogram that matches real-world chromatograms with exceptional accuracy. Zoom in, view chemical structures, and even overlay the mass spectra of coeluting compounds.

Try the new Pro EZGC chromatogram modeller today for an easy, risk-free way to increase lab productivity with faster, more effective method development and optimization!

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