PeCOD® – Your portable partner for COD, BOD and NOM monitoring

The PeCOD® Analyzer is revolutionizing COD, BOD and NOM detection with mercury and dichromate free reagents requiring no sample digestion. Now COD, BOD and NOM monitoring can be done anywhere! Dramatically streamline your water quality testing with the portable PeCOD® Analyzer.

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The patented PeCOD® technology can travel with you to measure COD, BOD and NOM anytime and anywhere. Our optional carrying case protects the PeCOD® instrument during transport and contains all the required accessories for on-the-go analysis. It is now possible to get highly accurate results in 15 minutes or less!

MANTECH has mercury and dichromate free chemistry installed in over 20 countries. Our PeCOD® technology has delivered successful 15 minute test monitoring of COD, BOD and NOM in a variety of environments with our approved and published MOECC method. Through our proprietary 15 minute testing methods our customers are saving millions of dollars by optimizing process efficiency. The PeCOD® technology is supporting the health and safety of their operators while also protecting the environment.

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