MarvelX UHPLC Columns

Due to customer demand, IDEX have increased the number of length and ID configurations from our initial eight, to a selection of 55 robust configurations.

MarvelX UHPLC Connection Systems have been designed for easier routing throughout your instrument, with consistent performance and superior re-usability. Built with a convenient, removable stainless steel fitting and changeable precision-cut flexible tubing, MarvelX can be used up to 200 times!

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This amazing design only requires 2 in-lbs of installation torque, and seals up to 19,000 psi (~1,310 bar). MarvelX is compatible with 10-32 coned receiving ports and is truly finger-tight — no tool required.

Why choose MarvelX’s better, easier finger-tight connection systems? Check this out:

  • Now available in over 50 ID and length configurations
  • Finger-tight to 19,000 psi
  • Reusable up to 200 times
  • Zero dead volume
  • Biocompatible
  • No peak tailing
  • High plate efficiency
  • Robust tip minimizes chance of damage

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