Analysis of Nicotine and Impurities in Electronic Cigarette Solutions and Vapour

It’s no secret that vaping has become trendy. Look around and you practically see a vape shop on every block. But what you don’t see is what’s inside those voluminous plumes of vapour.

So far, most research on vaping has focused on characterizing the solutions, which are ultimately vapourized for the end user to inhale. But what about the actual vapour?

Come and browse Mandel’s immense selection of Restek Rtx-VMS columns here.

This paper by Restek clears the fog of confusion from this under-explored subject. Read the PDF here.

All three methods developed in the current study used an Rtx®-VMS column – a proprietary phase to Restek – which was chosen to reduce required resources and afford easy comparison of results.

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