Mandel is Now Partnered with Eppendorf

We are pleased to announce that Eppendorf Canada have appointed Mandel Scientific as a distribution partner in Canada.

This continues our business growth strategy by extending our product portfolio range with an industry leading manufacturer. Mandel now offers a full range of life science instrumentation and consummables from Eppendorf including:

  • Eppendorf Research Plus, Reference 2
  • Eppendorf Repeater M4, Repeater Stream / Xstream Pipettes
  • Eppendorf ThermoMixerR C, ThermoStatR C, ThermoMixerR F1.5/FP, SmartBlocks™ and ThermoTopR
  • Eppendorf MixMateR
  • Eppendorf IsoThermR System and PCR-Cooler
  • Eppendorf VacufugeR Plus and rotors
  • Eppendorf Flex-TubeR, Safe-LockR tubes, Assay/Reader Microplates, Deepwell Plates
  • Eppendorf MiniSpinR/Plus, 5418/5418R, 5424/5424R, 5427R, 5430/5430R microcentrifuges
  • Eppendorf 5702/5702R/5702RH, 5804/5804R and 5810/5810R bench-top centrifuges and rotors
  • Eppendorf MastercyclerR pro, MastercyclerR nexus
  • Eppendorf HeatSealer S100/S200
  • Eppendorf twin.tecR PCR plates, PCR tubes, strips, caps and films
  • New Brunswick™ InnovaR U101, U360, U535, U725, C585 and C760 freezers
  • New Brunswick™ PremiumR U410/HEF, Y570/HEF, U700, C430 and C660/HEF freezers
  • New Brunswick™ CryoCubeR F570/h, FC660/h freezers
  • Eppendorf TCA-3 , freezer racks and storage boxes
  • Eppendorf EporatorR
  • New Brunswick™ InnovaR 200/2050/2100/2150/2300/2350 open air shakers
  • New Brunswick™ ExcellaR E2/E5/E10 open air shakers
  • New Brunswick™ ExcellaR E24/E24R, E25/E25R incubated shakers and accessories
  • New Brunswick™ I24/I24R, I26/I26R incubated shakers and accessories

Visit the Mandel website to view our Eppendorf products.

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